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Sahih Muslim - Hadith No: 7133
Item Series: Sahih Muslim Hadith Collections Sahih Muslim - Hadith No: 7136
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Sahih Muslim - Hadith No: 7134

Book : 42
Subject : Pertaining To Piety And Softening Of Hearts (Kitab Al-Zuhd Wa Al-Raqa'iq)

'A'isha reported that Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) said: The Angels were born out of light and the Jinns were born out of the spark of fire and Adam was born as he has been defined (in the Qur'an) for you (i.e. he is fashioned out of clay).

Item ID: 78226
Item Name: Sahih Muslim - Hadith No: 7134
Item Authors:
Abdul Hamid Siddiqui
Publish Date: Unknown
Nur Web Pages Publish Date: 16.11.2008

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